At Athletic Performance Edge the emphasis is placed on identifying inefficient movement before anything else. Whether you are an elite athlete or a professional in a confined environment, efficient movement is essential to vitality and achieving optimal health. My philosophy is to identify and correct faulty movement patterns with the hope that my clients will be active into their 70’s and 80’s. 

At APE each client is put through and initial movement analysis to ensure that all deficiencies are identified before any program development begins. The program is the built to attack the client’s deficiencies with an emphasis on strength, conditioning, core stability, power (sprinting/Olympic lifting), plyometrics, and mobility. The programs ensure that every exercise has beginner and expert progressions to meet the client’s needs. 

APE is fully insured and offers indoor and outdoor training throughout various locations in Ottawa and Gatineau. Our rates are both competitive and flexible and vary depending on location and program frequency and type. Please contact us for further information regarding programs and pricing. 

Referral program: Bring a friend or family member to a session free of cost, and if they sign up with APE, you will receive one free personal training session to be used at a future date.

Sports Specific Training

Inefficient movement in athletes is metabolically costing. This style of training program helps to improve the athlete’s performance with an emphasis on injury prevention. 

One-on-One Training

This one-on-one training program is ideal for any recreation athlete, adventure enthusiast or anyone simply looking to improve their level of fitness and daily quality of life.

Online Strength & Conditioning

If you are interested in training on your own, either at home or in a gym, I can help design a program that fits your needs and works with the equipment that you have access to.

Dynamic Group Training

Group training provides a general full body interval style workout that uses a variety of dynamic movements to keep the body balanced. Training is available in small and large groups.

What clients are saying


I started working with Jordan in 2017 when I wanted to learn how to run properly.  I had no idea how bad of a runner I actually was until I met with Jordan at the track. He took me through a very extensive assessment, and picked out my weaknesses immediately.  

After a lot of training with Jordan I  became more efficient at running.  He gave me some exercises to help improve my issues to do on my own time.  I have been working with Jordan ever since. He has helped me with my hip issues, he has rehabbed me when I strained my hamstring. He has rehabbed my knee when I dislocated it. He has written me numerous training programs to do in my own gym that I have seen myself improve in many areas. Jordan is a fantastic trainer, who recognizes your strengths and weaknesses right away. He is a down to earth individual who pushes his athletes to their full capacity. I have trained with many personal  trainers in my years, and have never come across anyone like Jordan.  I can’t say enough good things about  him. He simply is the best you will ever come across.


I began training with Jordan in October of 2018. After many years of struggling with my movement patterns he helped me to move with ease and confidence. His professionalism and technical knowledge are unparalleled, and his programming is individualized to meet the needs of his clients. Jordan is passionate about functional movement, mobility and athletic training. He has created the most incredible community of hard working, determined, like- minded humans. Both his personal training sessions and group fitness classes are guaranteed to improve your all around physical health and mental mindset. Jordan is truly the best you will ever encounter. I feel so grateful to be a part of the APE community.


What I appreciate the most about Jordan and APE is knowledge and adaptability. His knowledge of the human body has resulted in exercises and workouts that truly meet my needs. His ability to adapt in times I have been injured has been great as I have been able to continue to move forward with my fitness and well-being goals.  Finally, Jordan’s temperament and attitude is truly outstanding. I have never enjoyed exercising more than with APE. 


I started training with Jordan over two years ago after developing bilateral neuropathies in both legs that left me with no feeling in my feet and no dorsiflexion. I could barely walk without the help of canes and braces. It was a very difficult time for me since I was having trouble finding someone with enough knowledge and was comfortable dealing with my limited mobility.  Jordan saved me in a way that few could imagine. Through his determination, knowledge, motivation, and skill he helped me learn to walk on my own without any assistance. But his perseverance and encouragement didn’t stop there… Jordan helped me to learn to run and eventually I was able to join his speed clinics and started sprinting, still with my neuropathies. My sessions with Jordan are always fun, challenging, motivating, and inspiring. I can honestly say that at 46 years of age, I am in the best shape of my life! Jordan gave me a passion for fitness in all forms; running, weightlifting, sprinting, boxing, mobility, yoga, etc. But most of all, Jordan gave me my life back. I consider him an essential member of my healthcare team and I am grateful to have him as my coach.