One-on-One Training

We take the same approach as Sport Specific training, but rather than focusing on sport performance, we focus on exercises, movements and measurables that will help improve ease of daily activities and counteract some of the damage those daily activities may have caused over time. Such as sedentary jobs, old sports injuries, accidents etc.

This program is great for anyone who is a recreational athlete or adventure enthusiast and is trying to elevate their level of fitness.

This program will include a head-to-toe movement screen, consisting of 22 exercises to help identify the individual’s deficiencies and imbalances, and from there a strength and conditioning program will be designed and adjusted to the individual’s needs.  The program will entail:

  • Full written workout program for each phase of periodization
  • Comprehensive movement screen
  • Video analysis
  • Active rehabilitation (for old or nagging injuries) as well as prehabilitation exercises to help prevent future injuries